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So you’re getting married, you must be so excited! First I would like to say congratulations on your engagement. Now let’s get started making those all important memories of your new life together.
Here at Forever Light Photography we believe that life happens in moments with your special day being filled with them. Starting with the morning of your big day you will say “I’M GETTING MARRIED TODAY!” believe me you will. I won’t be there for that, maybe take a quick selfie for that one, but I can be there for the rest of them.
On the most important day of your life it would be nice to have more than just memories, having something that you can look at, that will keep your wedding as fresh as the day they were made on. Forever Light Photography will give you these memories in the form of beautiful images from that special day.
My style is simple, it’s to be there for the important moments and capturing them when they happen. Without you even knowing I am there. Nothing posed everything as it happens, capturing every cheer and every tear.
When we first meet I like to make it as relaxed as possible and then we just get to know each other, letting us find out what you want to see in your wedding images.

Our sole goal at Forever Light Photography is making sure that you get exactly what you want. So that every time you look back at your images you smile.