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Walking with the Wounded

23rd September 2015

Veterans are very important to me and my family. My father and my uncle Eddy were both in the US Army and both fought in the Vietnam War. My wife’s father was in the Royal Air Force and fought in World War II. Also her Grand father was a Carnal in the Mounted Infantry in World War I. So our war Veterans are very important to me and my family and should be to everyone else. So when I had the opportunity to photograph these service men and women I jumped at it. These images were taken in Kirkham with US and UK military. Also Councillor Peter Hardy was there to help honour these great men and women. I have put the images in my featured page of my website and they are also on my Facebook foreverlightphotography and Twitter @lightsimage.

They also have a twitter #WalkOfBritian so please follow them and support them on their journey

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